I'm first, dude.Did you just say something, Cosmo?
Screen captures provided by Gryph.


(Cosmo's thoughts after the Raptor XII incident in "Bad Program")

by: Frances Marshall

Donít have any.
I almost got us killed--again.
Ace is waiting for an apology,
At least an explanation. . .
Why can I never say it?
Two words. Thatís it. We could go on.
But I donít have the courage to say,
ďIím sorry.Ē Itís too hard.
Been in my room four hours,
Just thinking and feeling sick.
Fear bears a demon face; disappointment my best friend's.
Guilt just stares at me from the mirror.

Fighting Black Jack or somebody
is cake compared to this!
I almost got us killed--
I canít face my best friend. . .
Itís past midnight.
Heís still in the living room.
Iím still in here, lost.
Still canít face him.
Been up all night, wrestling inside.
Iím still a wreck, but just maybe. . .
Iíve reached the doorway.
Past the thresholds.
No way will I turn back now. . .

ďAce? Dude, could we talk?Ē

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