Someone else with the Magic Force?

Ace Cooper, Cosmo, and Angela Jacobs done by Laura Boeff.
All three combined by Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.1.

The title speaks for itself. These are the stories involving my original character, Angela Jacobs, as she tries to develop her own magical powers under Ace Cooper's training.

Magic from the Heart

By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: When Angela Jacobs moves to Electro City to start a new life, she brings with her a strange magical secret only Ace Cooper will discover!

Meditative Trance
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Angie uses daily meditation to talk to her parents every day. This story explains just how she learned the meditative method from Ace.

Protective Blindness
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Angie's overprotective and controlling aunt arrives in Electro City…to take her away from her new home and her friends!!

A Special Easter Magician Story
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: Ace, Cosmo, Zina, and Angie go east for Easter, where Angie meets an old friend of Ace's and has her first encounter with the shifters.

Sisters Reunited
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Angie's best friend finally sees her again after so long, but Faceless has plans on getting to Ace…by using the two life-long friends!

Healer's Way
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: A perfect tag for "A Special Easter Magician Story" and "Sisters Reunited." Marshall, who has problems since her return to Electro City after a year away, and Ashley, who has learned a horrible secret during her Spring Break holiday, go through a time of pain in separate ways. One event, however, will bring them together. Meanwhile, Ace gets to perform in front of the President of the United States!

The Magician Meets Sailor Moon
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: The World's Greatest Magician and his friends travel to Japan to perform and find more adventure than they ever expected when they meet the Champion of Love and Justice and her friends! One other thing, keep an eye on both Cosmo and Lita!
For an added bonus here, check out The Magician and Sailor Moon in The Tale of the Tape!

Love for One, Love for All
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: When Angie starts to wonder whether she is interfering with everyone's lives, a younger and more skilled magician seizes the opportunity to replace Angie! After that younger magician is rejected, she will make the lives of Ace and his friends a terrible nightmare, and the Magic Express will be involved (It could be called "Mad Train 2")!

A Halloween of Pure Magic
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Angie somehow makes contact with a little girl's ghost, and when Ace, Cosmo, and Vega assist her, they go to a forest to help the ghost solve a ten-year-old mystery.

Controlling Substance
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: When Ace and company go to Des Moines to perform, Angie's aunt Rita finds them and seeks their help in escaping from a controlled and abusive relationship. This is partially inspired by an episode of the Maury Povich Show.

By: Frances Marshall
Premise: A tag to "Controlling Substance." Rita has survived the physical nightmare with her abusive boyfriend. Before she testifies against him in court, though, she still has to deal with the spiritual and emotional nightmares plus one last encounter with him along with his new ally…Faceless!

The Magical Prom Night
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: People's mentioning of an upcoming high school prom and something Ace gives to Mona for a date force Angie to deal with the horrible pain of her parents' fatal accident…and the timing of that terrible night.

Dimensional Dementia
By: Shirley Ann Burton and Casey Toh
Premise: In our very first collaboration, a special astronomical event leads to the unlikely meeting between Angela Jacobs (my character) and Jas Lee (Casey's character)…along with two sets of Ace Cooper, Cosmo, and Zina! However, the criminals from Jas's world decide to wreak havoc in Angie's world, too, when they join up with their counterparts!

Spirit Dreams
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Angie gets under a lot of stress and pressure, but she cannot determine why. She embarks on a trip to the tribal lands with her shifter friend Khentura Fire Eagle to get to the source of her stress. However, will the female magician discover more than she expected?

When Exposés Attack
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: After Angie rescues a couple from crashing their boat and disses Paparazzo for his shrewd tactics for getting a story, he does an exposé filled with lies on her. He soon discovers the price for being a star reporter when people threaten his life…while Angie slowly reveals another side of herself.

Normal in Another's Eyes
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: Marshall is usually in hawk morph or in trouble, so this story, focusing on the ordinary, showcases another side of her.

Fates Come Closer
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: On a stormy night, when Ace tries to comfort Angie, she somehow recalls hearing a voice with a tone similar to Ace's in the past. Is it possible the two magicians knew each other long before they met face-to-face?

The Darkness of the Past on Trial
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Angie is summoned back to her hometown of Mason City for a parole hearing involving the two drivers who took her parents' lives in the road-rage accident. One, a family man, regrets what he did while the other, a young adult, shows no remorse. The problem: Since both were sentenced at the same time, either both get the parole or both must stay behind bars.

Heart's Truth
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: Tagging just after "The Darkness of the Past on Trial," Michael Raven tries to understand Marshall's brutally honest tactics for getting Angie to face her darker self, and Khentura Fire Eagle gives him the straight truth about the whole situation.

A Double Take of Revenge
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Two of Ace's enemies break out of different prisons for a chance at revenge on the Magician. However, confusion will play a role as one of them is purposely being used by the other!

Reveal the Darkness Within
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: In light of what happened on September 11, 2001, I made a few major adjustments in this story out of respect. When Angie gets kidnapped and taken to Washington, DC, a prominent scientist has dangerous intentions…for her powers. Alone and hundreds of miles from anyone she loves, will she be forced into trying something she's never had to do before?

The Deepest Secret
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: An important tag following Reveal the Darkness Within, Angie is still trying to deal with what happened when Ace decides it's time to reveal to her one of his most closely guarded secrets…the first time he actually called upon the power of the Magic Force.

First Date Jitters
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Finally, Angie will have her long-awaited first date with Victor Raven! However, the process of getting ready for it will not be an easy one. In addition, not everything will go the way she wants on this special night!

The Calm Before the Storm
By: Shirley Ann Burton
In this prelude to "The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion," Ace Cooper in Electro City and Raye Hino (a.k.a. Sailor Mars) in Tokyo both receive a visit…from the spirit of the Scout of Destruction, Sailor Saturn. She comes with a warning for both of them…

The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion (with additional images!)
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: When Amy Mizuno (a.k.a. Sailor Mercury) wins a trip to anywhere in the world on a Japanese national game show, take a guess as to where she and her friends decide to go for two weeks. Plus, Sailor Moon fans can rejoice when I say I'll be using Sailor Chibi-Moon and not Sailor Mini-Moon!

Tough Decisions
By: Shirley Ann Burton and Frances Marshall
Premise: The first of six tag stories following The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion. Just a couple of days after nearly merging with the Daeldrios Plant, Ulene weighs her options on how to deal with her nightmares and realizes how difficult that can be without her most important thing: her friends.

Ticked Off by a Cook-Off
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: A funny tag to "The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion." When Ace and Cosmo sign Angie up for a cooking contest without asking her, she decides to teach them a lesson by coming up with a little practical joke of her own with help from Mona and fellow culinary master Lita Kino!

The Triple Treat
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: My third tag to "The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion," Serena and Darien get a chance to go to the Croesus Palace with Ace, Mona, Angie, and Victor. A romantic night awaits them all...

The Captain's Return
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: The fourth of the six tag stories from The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion, Lieutenant Vega's run as the Interim Chief of Police is about to come to an abrupt end. Captain Friedrichs is on his way back to work, and he's going to "fix" everything Vega did!

Did They REALLY Want to Help?
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: The fifth of the six tag stories from The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion, Serena and Rini decide to volunteer for an illusion in Ace and Angie's show at the Ring Theatre. Are they going to have a night to remember or what?

*NEW!*Friendship is Forever
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: The sixth and final tag story to The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion proves emotional for everyone as Serena and her friends prepare to leave Electro City after their two-week whirlwind adventure. However, something strange begins to develop for someone on Ace's side after they're gone.

COMING SOON (Far later stories are subject to change.):
A Porpoise for All Actions (Yeah, I know, bad pun. *g*)
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: When combining two magicians with a young woman who can communicate telepathically with dolphins, dolphins at the aquarium being kidnapped for twisted purposes (thank goodness I didn’t say twisted porpoises), and Cosmo away on his own vacation, it’s the perfect recipe for adventure with Vicky Austin, from the Madeleine L’Engle book A Ring of Endless Light, joining Ace and Angie.

The Magician's Great Adventure
By: Janet Simmons and Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Ace sets out on a personal quest to find his biological parents. Along the way, he makes a lot of new friends and enemies. This will be a great this took Janet and me more than 2 1/2 months to complete!

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