The Christmas Flight

by: Shirley Ann Burton

I was asleep on Christmas Eve
Lying in my bed on this special night.
I did not know a dream would weave
For a chance to take a special flight.

In the middle of the night, my guardian angel came,
Dressed in a grey suit with a flowing cape.
He noticed my sleeping efforts to be lame
For there were bad times I could not escape.

He called me out with his warm mental voice,
"Wake up, young one. I am here."
I slowly sat up, as that was my choice,
But the reasoning was not too clear.

When I opened my eyes very wide,
I noticed someone standing next to my bed.
My heart began to glow with pride
Noticing the black hair and white tuft on his head.

"Why are you here, Ace?" I asked in surprise.
"I thought you were only in my mind and my heart."
He looked at me with his clear blue eyes
And said, "Please come with me. It's time to depart."

I took his hand, so warm and sweet,
And got up from my bed still in shock.
In seconds I was suddenly off my feet
As a Christmas wish began to unlock.

We got out through the locked window
And went up into the chilly night sky.
I could not believe I could see below,
For with my friend, I was able to fly.

He knew my heart had a sad emotional tone
And sensed the pain that was deep inside.
"You've had to deal with your pain alone,
For you have sat alone and cried."

"Whatever the pain you've buried away,
I know what's there and I feel it, too.
You can't keep this inside all the way,
For to do so will cause harm to you."

"I am here, within your heart.
I will be a part of you forever.
We will never ever be apart,
Since we are somehow always together."

I shed tears in sadness again this night
Because a part of me is still in pain.
I feel free while I am in flight,
Yet my tears fall like it was rain.

"My friend, I have been through so much,
And I am still dealing with it even now.
If you know a way to deal with such,
I am listening; please tell me how."

Up in the sky, he gives me a warm and loving hug.
"You took the first step a long time ago.
You let Him enter your life without a tug,
And now you have the guidance like so."

"He feels the pain more than I do,
And He tries to help day in and day out.
As long as you let Him come through,
You will get past the pain with a joyful shout."

I smile at my friend on this special night
As I take his words that are so true.
"Thank you, Ace, for taking me on this flight,
For now I understand what I can do."

He returns me safely to my home and my bed
And brings this flight to its special end.
Before he leaves, he kisses me on the head,
Saying, "Merry Christmas, Shirley, my friend."

As he disappears back into the night,
I know now what I can do to happily live.
I have to stop my inner fight,
And with myself, I must forgive.

The End


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