True love will not be interfered with by ANYTHING.
Screen capture provided by Hawkeye.

By: Elizabeth Beers

     This poem/song is also seen in Liz's story "Collaboration." You can go to it by means of the second link at the bottom of this page.

When we met, it was the start of something magic,
But I never thought that it would be so fine.
Our friendship grew to be
The most precious thing to me
And I felt that I was on Cloud Nine.

It was a friendship that grew to be much more.
Something I never believed could be mine.
But what I came to feel
Was true and it was real.
And with you I journeyed to Cloud Nine.

Loving, laughing and crying together
Wonder in each day we would meet.
Slowly our love grew, till we knew that forever
Without either one of us
The other would be incomplete.

Now the magic will be with us forever.
Through the joys and sorrows we will shine.
And when we're husband and wife,
Together we'll face our life
To keep our place on Cloud Nine.

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