Even henchmen deserve a little love.
Cropped screen capture provided by Hawkeye.

In this group of stories, Laurie Petrotta (a.k.a. Diamond Gal) and Shawna LaDelpha (a.k.a. Diamond) have pooled their talents and their fondness for Diamond into their own series of stories. I'm happy to report that as of now, all seven of their stories are complete and up. Stay tuned for even more stories by them as they continue the intriguing saga of Matthew Diamante.

For the Love of Another

Premise: After reading this, you'll NEVER see Diamond in the same light ever again!

Forgiving Promises
Premise: Kay wants to tell Matt (Diamond) something really important, but she can't seem to find the right time.

Resighting Faith
Premise: Just as Matt and Kay are getting serious while Alex and Cosmo are considering a relationship, one accident will change the lives of all four people . . .

Proposal of the Heart
Premise: It's Christmas, and Matt has one big holiday surprise in store for Kay, but can he handle being stuck for 24 hours with Ace Cooper and Cosmo in his home during a freak snowstorm!?

Burning Desires
Premise: Kay's got the engagement, but now she's got problems within her own family!

Heart's Fire
Premise: When a strange accident suddenly gives Alex the power to control fire, Faceless tries to take advantage of her power trip!

Lost, But Found
Premise: After a major argument with Kay on a camping trip, Matt leaves and tries to solve all his problems in the same manner as his abusive father, with alcohol. Can Ace, Kay, and one of Matt's old friends get him to come to his senses before it's too late?

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