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What sets these stories apart from the other sections of Ace's Fan Fiction Department? They do NOT fit in any of the other three categories. As a result, they've been sent here. Hey, we're gaining stories here! Let's keep 'em coming!

One Thing Leads to Another and Another and Another . . .
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: This was my entry for the Magician Writing Contest held through May and June of 2000. Remember the rule where everyone had to die? Well, see how I went about doing it.

The Joker's Job
By: Casey Toh
Premise: In this debut by our newest writer, Ace Cooper joins forces with the legendary Dark Knight Batman when the Joker threatens the Magician's life.

The Power of the Magic Force…When the Magician Is SICK!

By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: In my first Magician parody, just what would happen if Ace Cooper had to use the Magic Force while fighting a head cold!? The end results of his transformations could leave him a little surprised.

Making Digi-Magic
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Supermodel Zelda LeMond invites Japanese model Rumiko Nonaka to do a photo shoot in Electro City. Rumiko decides to let her mother Mishara and her daughter Rika (a Digimon Tamer herself) come on the family vacation. When Rika brings her Digivice to Electro City, will Ace Cooper and his friends be ready to deal with the strange creatures which mysteriously appear in the city?

By: Elizabeth Beers
Premise: When Ace needs just the right background music for a special trick, Mona comes to the rescue with a song made out of love.

*RESTORED AND UPDATED!* Singing to the Magician
Premise: In this premiere story by the newest writer, a struggling teen actress with her own magical powers meets a ghost who wants to give comfort to his mother...Rita Wisland.

The Magician Meets the Muppets
By: Elizabeth Beers and Janet Simmons
Premise: In this wacky co-written crossover, Ace, Cosmo, and Angie get mysterious visitors -- The Muppets. Animal takes a bite on two women, and Ace is being eyed by someone close to a certain green frog. Just read this, and you'll see all the hijinx.

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