For the Girl I Loved
by: Eric McBride

Close...yet so far.
Screen capture provided by Laura Boeff.

Although we've said goodbye today,
Because we've not a thing to say,
I want you to seek the path,
From unfair times, and undue wrath,
To love yourself and not be told,
That a great life will not unfold,
For it will, if you trust,
Within yourself and know you must,
Chase your dreams, and hang on tight,
For thats the way to feel right!
Inside-out, and all round, through,
I send all of my greatest wishes to you,
And if you could now see inside,
I'm torn and sad, it is no lie,
That I value you to world's end,
And to you these words I send,
So you know we say bye today,
Only because we've not a thing to say!
But without you it still rains,
And I'll never be the same.

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