Screen capture provided from Scooby's Web-o-Rama.
Sorry, but I haven't seen a screen capture for a dog on The Magician.

Describing a Homeless Dog

by: Shawna LaDelpha (Diamond)

The figure with matted hair
Walks aimlessly down the alley.
In search of something used, to eat,
Dying at every footstep,
Teeth clenched with pain,
Knees buckled in fear,
Falling over with hunger,
Panting out of breath.
No home,
No love.
Searching for nothing, maybe something.
Flies surround the rotting smell,
Yearning for death,
Yearning for love.
Needing answers,
Needing care.
The weathered mind
Drifts away
Seeking a prayer,
Seeking a life.
Many things they've done wrong,
Lying there, in the shadows.

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