Welcome to the art gallery. Here, you will see some small images. Click on each one to get to the full size to print out if you want.

This is my first drawing of Ace Cooper in his crimefighting costume. I admit, I'm not the greatest artist in the world, but I do LOVE to draw!

This is my first drawing of Ace Cooper with his regular outfit on and holding his Magic Cane.

Special thanks to Diamond Gal and her brother for sending me this wicked pic of Ace and Zina!

Special thanks to Greywolf Lupous for this awesome display of Ace and his magical style!

How else can you draw a three-dimensional character like Angel on a two-dimensional piece of paper?

My apologies if I couldn't draw Zina exactly right, since it's the first time I've ever drawn a panther, period!

Cosmo is definitely one cool-looking dude, and this is the first time I've ever drawn the fun-lovin' sidekick!

I don't know how I did with my first attempt to draw Spade and Diamond, but I certainly hope you like it.

This is a mini-poster I made on Adobe PageMaker 6.5 one day. I thank Laura Boeff, Hawkeye, and Gryph for allowing this to happen.

I have to thank Laura Boeff, Hawkeye, and Gryph for letting me use these screen captures to create these two fun collages!

See above for the credits to help create this collage.

Ace Cooper and Mona Malone go from being magician and singer to two basketall players!!

Ace Cooper and my original character, Angela Jacobs, join their powers together in a magical bond of friendship.

My original characters, Angela Jacobs and Ashley Brighton. Best friends since the first grade, their paths have gone way different than they expected.

Although Angie has friends who care for her like a little sister, there are times when she is still not too sure of herself and her destiny.

A brilliant profile of Cosmo done by Gayle Klar.

Another great drawing by Gayle Klar. This one depicts Cosmo and her original character named Kris (no last name like Cosmo).

In this drawing by Gayle Klar, Ace and Cosmo are seen with her character Kris.

This is Gayle Klar's drawing of Angie in a newly modified costume. This was the inspiration to give Angie's original costume a makeover. Thanks, Gayle!

This is the same as the one above, just with some color courtesy of the Adobe PhotoDeluxe program on my computer.

Second Series fanfic writer and artist Laura Boeff did this beautiful piece featuring a busy Angie called "Magic in Motion."

I drew Ace and Cosmo as a pair of graduates clad in the (probably not exact) school colors of Bridgewater University, in honor of college graduate Frances Marshall! Congrats, Frances! :)

My first drawing in a long time, but I figured why not? Here's my new drawing of Angie called "The Power Within."

This drawing was needed in the story Making Digi-Magic. This is Angie in her own "Thunder" outfit. The colors were used on Adobe PhotoDeluxe.

This could look like a shot right out of "Croesus Crisis," but in reality it's a computer drawing done by our newest artist, R.A. Westa. Consider this a welcome for her into our group. :)

I have to thank Laura Boeff for this. She updated Angie's costume to how it is since the change at the end of The Magic Force Moon Crystal Reunion. Angie is not a training magician anymore...

*NEW!* This is my newest drawing, the art for the 2006 edition of the Magic Party website. This turned out to be a big challenge for me, but the hard work and the reference images sure helped.

COMING SOON: Drawings of Vega, Mona, Black Jack, Sonny Boy, Prof. Surge, Faceless, Duke Paparazzo, Miss LeSage, Captain Friedrichs, and Senator Dobbs

If you have an opinion about these, please email me at either magicianfanatic@yahoo.com or oddballextreme@hotmail.com, and tell me what you think.

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