This is one not even Scooby-Doo can solve so easily!

After watching the first 26 episodes of Ace Cooper and his friends and enemies upwards of 10 times on tape, I have discovered that there are just too many unanswered questions that are leaving us hanging! Here now is my complete in-depth analysis of the entire situation.

I always wondered just how I got like this. Screen capture provided by Gryph. Question #1:
How and where did Ace Cooper get his extraordinary magical powers?

A. There are at least three statues in the living room of the Magic Express. They, and maybe even Zina, may hold the key as to where Ace either learned or honed his magical skills.
B. In the episode "Stop Clowning Around," there is a 15-second flashback showing a much younger Ace saving a baby bird with levitation. This leads to two possible theories:

1) He started learning magic at a very young age, or
2) He may have been born with it.
C. In "Virtual Fatality," Ace mentioned to Jimmy Hagen about being able to do what he does thanks to years of hard work and meditation. The question here is the meditation and what exactly he does.

Ace--What a wacky relationship we've had. Mona--Tell me about it! Screen capture provided by Laura Boeff. Question #2:
What is the true status of Ace and Mona's relationship?

A. In Part 2 of "Cold Sweat," Mona wants Ace to leave her alone after she learns her life is in danger. According to Derek Vega, both grew up together at the St. John's Orphanage and were inseparable. Vega also said the unnatural relationship couldn't last, since Mona is Black Jack's daughter. How the two grew apart is unknown.
B. Three episodes show Mona's deep concern for Ace:

1) "Twin Brothers"--She saves Ace from getting arrested by the police and is a big help in getting an antidote for the injected poison in Ace.
2) "All Against One"--She is at Ace's side when he recovers from his injuries and helps him break Black Jack's crime alliance.
3) "Virtual Fatality"--She is scared when Ace is missing for a week, but after Ace saves her from Jimmy Hagen, she gives Ace a big hug and holds his hand in a moonlight walk.
C. In "The Golden Voice," Mona trusts Ace to protect her instead of Spade and Diamond. Even though she goes home with her father Black Jack, she gives Ace her award and says she'll get it back from him someday.
D. From Ace's point of view, he cares deeply for Mona by these episodes:
1) "The Cruise"--He rescues her from falling off the Nova.
2) "And They Lived Happily Ever After"--She gets upset with him because of his "fiancée" Belinda, but he still saves her from the androids in her home.
3) "The Golden Voice"--He saves her twice, from a bunch of deadly snakes and later from a flock of blackbirds.
4) "Virtual Fatality"--He tries to save a "virtual" Mona and later saves the real Mona from Jimmy Hagen.
E. Finally, in "All Against One," one of Ace's hallucinations has Mona wearing a bridal gown and a wedding ring!!! This may be an indication as to the present-day status of their relationship.

A lot of people still don't know that much about me. WHY NOT!? Screen capture provided by Gryph. Question #3:
Just what is known about Ace's past?

A. "Cold Sweat"--Through both parts, we learn Ace and Gus Moreland worked together in Jack Malone's gang. Of course, Jack Malone is also Black Jack.
B. "Junior"--Ace mentions that Nastasia was the nurse who took care of him after his "accident." What type of accident was it, and could it tie together with the next clue?
C. "All Against One"--In the first of Ace's three hallucinations, Black Jack blames him for everything he's gone through, and Ace says it wasn't his fault. There is a small possibility that Ace may have been indirectly responsible for what physically happened to Black Jack to make him look the way he does now.

Important other questions:
1. In "Virtual Fatality," Ace said his famous "Magic Force" phrase three different times. The first time he said it, his tone of voice was far slower and lower. Could he have said it like this when he used the Magic Force for the first time?
2. In part 1 of "Cold Sweat," Cosmo mentioned about his father saying he was born a delinquent and later told Gus Moreland about leaving his father, who was a cop. What is Cosmo's father like?
3. Full names seem to be few and far between. The only people with full names are Ace Cooper, Derek Vega, Jack and Mona Malone, Sonny Boy and Jonathan Surge, and Duke Paparazzo. What is Cosmo's last name, and is "Cosmo" the boy's real name? Also, what are the first names of Captain Friedrichs and Miss LeSage?
4. Just who is Faceless? In "All Against One," Ace comes to within three seconds of removing her mask. A very important point here: it's NOT Mona! She was in the main lounge at the same time Faceless was in Black Jack's top floor office.
5. How old is everybody?
A. "Bad Program"--After Raptor XII asks Cosmo if he's 18, Cosmo says, "Well, hey, who's gonna check?" He's obviously not 18.
B. "The Challenge"--After Vega mentions Super Challenge was on a dozen years earlier, Ace says the show was canceled at the same time he started recording his own show.
C. "Cyber"--Vega has a birthday on the 15th of a month.
6. There really are 13 more episodes. If you don't believe me, click here to read the article about The Magician.

UPDATE! With very special thanks to Gryph, at least some unanswered questions now have answers!
1. Ace really was responsible for the accident which caused Black Jack's physical situation. When Ace decided to turn his life around, though, is still a question.
2. One of the best answers for Ace and Mona's relationship lies in one of Gryph's episodes called "The Flight of Prosperity."

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