Reading, writing, and magic!
Screen capture provided by Gryph.

"Wow! I've never seen such great storywriting! Maybe I should ask Mark du Pontavice if we can hire them to write for the show!"

It's obvious that Ace loves the writing we're all doing. However, seeing that there are a lot of stories (Not close to Gryph's number by any means), I have revamped the stories into four groups to make the transition much easier, so here are the groupings:

The Angela Jacobs Series

By: Shirley Ann Burton, Frances Marshall, and Casey Toh
Premise: When Ace meets a young woman who possesses a magical secret of her own, she begins the path to her true destiny.

The Diamond Saga
By: Laurie Petrotta (Diamond Gal) and Shawna LaDelpha (Diamond)
Premise: Give a henchman a chance to shine, and who knows what could happen!?

The Way We See It
Premise: What would happen if somehow the Magician came to help out in the real world? That's what all these stories are about.

Fanfic Potpourri
Premise: These stories are different from the other categories, so I have placed them here. They're really out of the way, trust me.

Magical Song Style
Premise: What if the Magician's life were put into song? Take a look at this by our newest writer, Michelle Phan!

The Lives of Others
Premise: Some of the lesser known characters in the series get the spotlight for a change. No stories as of yet.

The Seemingly Innocent Life of Angela Jacobs
Premise: You all know how Angie got to where she is now. But…what was she like before she came to Electro City? That's where this one comes in. No stories here as of yet.

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