As you can see here, I changed my photo album into a scrapbook. This way, fans of the Magician can send pics of themselves, and you don't have to be wearing any sort of costume. If you have any photo about anything Magician-related at all or just you being you, I'd love to see them. Please e-mail me at or and let me know.

Click on the smaller image below to see the full size one.

My first Magician Costume from Dragon*Con '99!

Danger Woman and me at Dragon*Con '99!

My new and improved costume from Halloween 1999!

This is Laurie Petrotta's friend, Elizabeth. Upon learning she was going to be a part of the team's final drama class project, Table Talk + Electro City = Mayhem, she didn't know anything about Spade, so when she was given a drawing, this was her reaction.

Here is Shawna LaDelpha herself, one half of the team for "The Diamond Saga."

This is a pic of me from the 1998-99 bowling season, when I wore a purple wig and sunglasses for the Halloween night of bowling. As you can see here, I was being 100% silly. ^_^

This is my nephew, Hunter Neal Burton, born on April 16, 2001. In this picture, I am holding Hunter in my arms just a couple of hours after his birth. :)

This was taken from the newsletter at my job. The little baby on the left is me at just two weeks old while the older one on the right is me today.

Okay, here's the proof you've been waiting to see…here I am with Ace Cooper and Black Jack Malone in action figure form!

For the first time ever, I have the five, yes, FIVE, Ace Cooper action figures and Black Jack! And I apologize if the quality's bad. From left to right: Ace on the Magic Bike, Action Magician, Fire Storm Magician, Cyber Magician, Thunder Magician, and Black Jack. Now, if I could only get a second Stratosphere Cosmo, this collection would be done...

Guess what...I am NOT the only one with a Magician action figure collection. Check out Janet Simmons's collection. From left to right: Pirate Queen Emeraldas, Captain Harlock, Thunder Magician, FireStorm Magician, Action Magician, Cyber Magician, and a very tiny Lupin the 3rd.

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