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Laura Boeff did Ace and Cosmo. I added Angie with the Hero Machine program. I combined them all and added effects with Adobe Photoshop 7.0.**UPDATE -- December 31, 2006** Before I get started here, I just want to profusely apologize to everyone who regularly visits this website. I have not done any updates in any way shape or form since March. I didn't even give a winner for March Madness 2006! A lot of factors didn't allow me to update the site like I should have been doing: I'm now editor of a local newsletter for a Star Trek club, owner of one Yahoo group, moderator of another Yahoo group, currently suffering from writer's block, and hopelessly addicted to the new NBC show Heroes. I will not offer any excuses for not doing what I've been supposed to be doing, and hopefully in 2007 I can balance things out and start getting things going again. In fact, with some help from friends, I may get the first part of The Magician's Great Adventure put up within the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you all up-to-date about this. That's all I have for now, but until next time, welcome to 2007, wherever you are! ^_~

The Most Complete Comprehensive Episode Guide to THE MAGICIAN!
The Magician Art Gallery
Mona's Poetry Corner (A great place for the poets within us!)
Ace's Fan Fiction Department (The Department of Original Magician Stories!)
The Magician Photo Scrapbook (The scrapbook for Magician fans being themselves, or at least, trying to be. *Giggles*)
They Won't Show Them...WHY NOT!? (My interpretation to the missing 13 episodes)

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Temple of the Magic Force (Skyfiery's continually growing Magician site!)

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