What if the Magician REALLY helped?

Screen capture provided by Laura Boeff.

In this collection, the real world writers find the connection to the Magician's animated world, which makes these stories a little more interesting. Stay tuned for more of these in the future.

The Magical Art of Writing

By: Frances Marshall
Premise: In this quick but imaginative tale told from her own point-of-view, Frances herself gets some writing inspiration from the Magician himself!

Imagination Overdrive
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: If you read the story above, see what happens when it's my turn for some help from the Magician!

Table Talk + Electro City = Mayhem (Caution: This file is big!)
By: Laurie Petrotta
Premise: This story, done in play format, was the actual final project for Laurie and her group in her drama class. Watch what happens when her group from a local talk show goes to Electro City and meets The Magician!

Finding the REAL Magic Force within Myself
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: When I start to feel sad and depressed, Ace Cooper shows up to give me some words of encouragement.

The Ill Effects of Life
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: Frances is under the weather and gets some unexpected (and at times unwanted) help from Zina, Saba from Power Rangers, and Gwydion. In the process, she has to help Cosmo deal with a problem of his own.

Writer's Promise
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: In the prequel to "Dream Crossing," Frances gets a surprise visit from two versions of Cosmo, both wanting her to do a story about his past. When she makes it a promise, she finds this not to be such an easy accomplishment.

Dream Crossing (Completed at last! :P)
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: Frances goes to sleep in her own bed a few days before Christmas. However, when she awakens, she finds herself on the living room floor…of the Magic Express!

Weather Worries
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: As the weather starts to become rough in the night, literally, Ace comes along to keep me calm as he tries to help me face one of my worst fears.

Dealing with Loss…With Help from Another World
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: My dog Rocky passed away on May 9, 2001, and I wrote this story in his memory less than 24 hours later. When Angie senses someone in another world suffering, she and Ace transport her to their world. That someone…is me.

By: Frances Marshall
Premise: Cosmo's confusion over graduations allows one author to recollect her own senior year and share her personal memories about her own graduation and the year before.

The Weirdest Halloween
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: With Halloween 2001 having a full moon, I accidentally cross over and get kidnapped by Faceless, who thinks I'm Angela Jacobs in disguise, especially when wearing my homemade Magician costume!

One Day After
By: Shirley Ann Burton
Premise: Angie is out for a walk when a newspaper flies into her face. The date on the newspaper: September 12, 2001. I need say no more about this idea.

By: Frances Marshall
Premise: This is Frances's short but personal reflection of the days following September 11, 2001.

Writer's Nightmare
By: Frances Marshall
Premise: What's worse to a good writer than writer's block? Dangerous words. Frances finds herself forced to make terrible choices about their use in order to save herself and others from Ace's evil double. The act, the choice, the consequences and the power of words are explored herein.

Encountering a Hate Stronger than Love
By: Elizabeth Beers
Premise: When Black Jack takes thing too far, Liz gives him the third degree in more ways than one.

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