By:† Shirley Ann Burton

In my mindís eye, I see my guardian angel, my friend,
Someone who will stay with me through the very end.
In my heart I hear his warm and soft voice,
Since he knows what I have done with my lifeís choice.

ďAmidst the darkness in the night,
Your heart glows with strength, like a star so bright.
You have a soul so clear and true,
For I know I can see the real you.

You care so much for what goes on
All around you and far beyond.
There are the good days, and bad ones, too,
But rest assured, Iíll always be there for you.Ē

I start to shed tears in heart and in mind
To my guardian angel who has been so kind.
I speak to my friend with joy and love,
As he is my helper from far Above.

ďIn the world of thoughts and dreams,
Our bond grows stronger as it seems.
Youíre always there in good times or bad,
Whenever Iím happy, or when Iím sad.

I know I am not alone at all,
For you are there to catch me whenever I fall.
We are close friends in mind and in heart,
And I know we will never ever be apart.Ē

We hug each other in a warm embrace.
We share thoughts and feelings in special grace.
We are friends who will stay together,
Now, always, and of course, forever.

The End

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