Sing, baby, SING!
Screen capture provided by Hawkeye.

In this unusual set of stories, writer Kitty-N has turned story into song.  Mona Malone singing is no surprise, but can you imagine Ace Cooper being a magician, a crimefighter, and a...singer!?  I laughed hard when he tried to drive that giant size pinball in "Flipball."  So, have a good time and enjoy these fanfics in song.

In the Closet
Premise:  Ace and Mona know how they really feel about each other, but they would rather keep their true closeness to themselves.

I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Premise:  Ace and Mona both sing about their true feelings for each other.

Who Is It?
Premise: When Ace learns Mona is engaged to someone else...he doesn't take it very well. Based on the episode "Best Wishes and Happiness."

The Girl Is Mine
Premise: Consider this one as a singing duel between Ace Cooper and Max Malden. This one is also based on the episode "Best Wishes and Happiness."

Premise: Just think about how many times Ace has been drugged in the series, and you'll see what I mean.

Could This Be Magic?
Premise: This songfic asks the question of whether Ace and Mona were truly meant to be.

So Magical
Premise: Basically, this title speaks the premise for itself. ^_^

Miss Independent (No, not Kelli Clarkson's tune.)
Premise: You could say this one was meant for Mona, especially since she's stuck in the middle of one wacky feud.

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