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This is a new part of my website where I answer the question as to why these 13 Magician episodes never made it to air in the United States.  For those of you looking from other parts of the world, we have this little system called “Safety Standards and Practices.”  What that basically means in English is that imported shows get screened very carefully, and not everything or every episode will get shown exactly.  For example, the animé series Sailor Moon has at least seven episodes that were not shown in the U.S. due to certain situations.  In addition, don’t be surprised if the fifth season (a.k.a. Sailor Moon Stars) never sees the light of day on television because of three guys transforming into three girls. Trust me on this one.  How can I tell about all this?  I have been very very lucky to acquire the missing 13 episodes.  Despite being in German, at least they can tie up some loose ends.  Anyway,  I will give a quick synopsis and the reasoning behind the non-showing of each episode.  Now, here we go…

Note:  The following screen captures were all provided by Gryph.

Just a little too much drug use in this episode...
Flipball Fever (Behind the Orb Ball)

Okay, this episode features flipball player Skip Ramsdale getting into a major accident in his special ball.  The culprit…manufactured drugs courtesy of Black Jack aboard a freighter.  After that ship is destroyed, Cosmo tries to convince Skip not to be so hard on Ace.  Skip is then seen taking one of the pills again…which was for his injuries when he left the hospital.  My best guess here is that this episode showed just a little too much drug use…a major no-no around here.

I'm goin' up the country, where would you want to go...

This one is really a no-brainer.  Cosmo gets seriously influenced by some rather hard music and starts acting very aggressively.  At one point he is seen holding a gun and almost taking out Senator Dobbs.  Also, his rollerblading techniques were not very helpful to the cause.  The reason this wasn’t seen…this one is awfully close to the events of Columbine High School in Colorado in 1998.  The reports have said the two people behind it were listening to shock rock music prior to the shootings.  Probably the right call for this one not to be shown.  In addition, Senator Dobbs does something that…well, let’s say the moon’s involved, and I am not talking about the orbiting object around Earth.

The weather seems to be improving now.
Bad Weather for the Magician

This episode features Ace trying to create a small tornado for the crowd…which goes out of control.  No one is injured thankfully, but then the weatherman is also trying to control the weather, and at one point sends Ace and Cosmo flying in a fairly stronger tornado.  Now, there are some things that should never be done, like Ace trying to out drive a tornado.  More people get killed that way by tornadoes.  In addition, there may have been a separate reason…On May 3, 1999, a deadly F5 tornado struck in Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma.  The Magician was on the network at that time, so it’s possible the events of May 3 may have played a factor into this one not being seen.

I'm a-gonna murder him, see?
The Flight of Prosperity

This one will shock most people because Mona Malone does something we never saw her do in the States…hold a gun to the captain’s head!  She is also seen very partially nude when she comes out of the shower.  There’s a lot of action involved, and some people get knocked over the head.  Also, as you can see in this screen capture, Sally Blade is about to push Cosmo off the Prosperity, which is pretty high in the sky.  It’s amazing how just one little scene can keep the whole episode off the air.

Will you quit pestering me? I'm trying to watch the game!
The Paparazzo Affair

Duke Paparazzo has all kinds of problems when he has to outrun a couple of bad guys…an instant convertible, aiding in the Magic Express going underwater, the works.  He nearly gets done in by a vat of acid, but Ace quickly comes to the rescue.  Perhaps there was just a little too much violence in this episode, and at one point Ace is floating while Paparazzo holds him by his feet!  Possibly too dangerous to impressionable kids.

You won't believe what happens to me this time...
Planet Electric

This one is a challenging one.  Ace gets into major trouble with the authorities, and he gets drugged every couple of hours so he can’t use any magic.  When he does manage to escape, he jumps off the top of the police building and uses his cape as a parachute…once again, too dangerous to impressionable kids.  Also, when Cosmo is drugged, he starts driving the car wildly, which is another no-no.

Is it just me, or is it getting *seriously* hot around here?
Croesus Crisis (Casino Moloch)

This one is a bit obvious.  A little too much black magic being used in this episode.  Sonny Boy hires Scaras the sorceress to give Black Jack the scare of his life.  Then, Ace and Mona get into their own argument for a change about him trying to help her father.  There’s also the scene with Ace and Jack battling each other.  The beam breaks beneath Jack’s feet, and he falls into the flames.  Too dangerous here.  Finally, the being that scares Sonny Boy at the end could easily scare younger children.  Even though this episode practically ties the whole series together, there were more than enough factors not to let this one be shown.  Oh, and Mona sings in English.

Bungee jumping...a la Magic Force, of course.
Masters of Magic (Showdown of the Show Stars)

Yago the Fire Magician goes just a little too far when he tries to force his apprentice Celine to stick with him.  He grabs her by the arm in some scenes.  Also, in the big showdown at the end, Ace jumps all the way from the top of the Ring Theatre.  That is considered a total no-no by the Safety Standards and Practices, seeing that some kids would’ve wanted to try the same thing.

Oh, Ace...I don't know why this one didn't get on before...
Best Wishes and Happiness

Ace gets drugged by Max Malden’s driver and then gets really jealous about Mona’s engagement to Max.  When he gets around to the truth, the driver sees Ace in a rather uncomfortable position, seemingly poked by the spikes in the house.  Can’t have that be seen, so they had to take this one out, too.

I just hope I don't overdo this one...
The Night the Lights Went Out in Electro City
(Where Were You in Electro City When the Lights Went Off?)

One of the longest named episodes, there are a couple of reasons for this one not getting shown.  First, in one of Ace’s tricks, he absorbs the electrical energy himself, which is dangerous for a child to try to do.  Also, when we see flashbacks of Sonny Boy and his father the professor, there seems to be a bit of child abuse involved, where Professor Surge slaps his son.  Even though things do work out in the end, this one had a little too much violence.

This is one of my best tricks...and nobody's gonna see it.
Model Top Model

I couldn’t see a lot of problems with this episode, except for maybe the method of Professor Braun trying to make a clone of Zelda.  The future face of her would’ve scared anybody.  Also, the chase scenes did get slightly dangerous.  Now, this may seem too close to call, but perhaps they didn’t like Zelda’s kiss on Cosmo at her apartment?

Hey, even Vega's human, too.
Vega Gate

This is important, especially when it comes to the “Twin Brothers” episode, since Richie Valenti is involved heavily in this episode.  Amazingly, there are things seen here that were not shown before…such as Friedrichs accepting money from Clockwise!  A flashback shows Vega actually punching Valenti pretty hard.  Once again, some kids would have tried to do the same things.

I'm dreaming of a genie with the light brown hair...
Truth or Consequence

Okay, Skip Ramsdale is in trouble for supposedly doing a hard hit on an opposing flipball player.  When he is arrested and awaits trial, Ace and Cosmo do everything they can to clear him.  In the trial, the opposing player’s boss threatens him with a gun and moments later starts shooting around the court room.  Now, this is understandable because most of us here have seen courtroom violence before, and it’s not pretty.

Overall, there are some well-intentioned reasons that these 13 particular episodes were not seen.  After all, the idea here is to make sure parents keep a good eye on their children and what they’re watching.  Some cases are very impressionable, and others can be very traumatic to some people.  It’s up to the parents to make sure what the children are watching is safe for viewing.  I’m not holding anything against the Safety Standards and Practices because all it’s doing is keeping kids from getting seriously hurt.

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